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Site Consultation

Free consultation to discuss your renovation project.

Preliminary Design

Based on your initial consultation, you will receive conceptual 2D floor plans and 3D renders of your new home. These renders will provide a better understanding on how the new space will look and feel.
At this stage, each design package will be provided with a priced contract, whereby all materials and labor included in the contract are clearly labelled and priced.

Engineering Permits & Material Coordination

After finalizing the design and contract, all documents necessary for city submission will be prepared. While we prepare all documents for city submission, you may work with the designer in selecting your materials. Elite works with a variety of suppliers and may provide you with samples and help narrow down your options.


The designer will gather all required information and prepare a construction documentation package for the Project Manager and contractors. All details and orders will be completed at this stage, this way construction will run smoothly and efficiently.